• Standard 40-pin / 44-pin IDE female connector
  • Builit-in HW ECC, Quick Erase and SMART Functions
  • Advanced Wear-leveling and Block Management
  • Power Failure Recovery
  • Secured Protection Zone (Optional)
  • SLC or MLC NAND Flash


Commonly called a Disk On Module (DOM), Fortasa's ATA-Disk Module (ADM) is a small form factor embedded solid state drive (SSD) designed to replace a conventional IDE hard disk drive.

The ADM Module is easily plugged into a standard IDE 40 or 44-pin connector commonly found in desktops, set-top boxes, industrial PC and thin client systems. Fortasa's ADM contains an ATA/IDE Flash Controller and custom file management firmware that communicates directly with the host side ATA standard interface emulating a Hard Disk Drive. Considering the rapid decline of the Flash memory cost, the ADM is a most cost effective replacement of the legacy ATA/IDE HDDs.

This product is well suited for embedded flash storage applications offering new and expanded functionality as well as more cost-effective designs, better performance and increased reliability. Fortasa offers ATA Disk Modules that utilize highly reliable SLC and cost effective MLC NAND Flash. The ADMs are also offered in a variety of physical sizes and form factors. Please see our specification button to view the full technical comparison of the Fortasa ADM product offering.