Fortasa Memory Systems storage solutions are based on industry-leading solid state storage technologies. Focused on providing the most dependable product offering for the most demanding OEM customers, our products have been specifically designed for highest reliability under extreme industrial environments.
Consumer grade Flash cards or Solid State Drive solutions which are readily available from an online retailer to your next door pharmacy have been developed with a a purpose of offering minimal product functionality at the lowest cost. Pursuing this strategy, the consumer card manufacturers kept a laser focus on cost reduction achieved by eliminating most non-essential product features and even using downgraded or reduced reliability components.

While cost might be the single most important criteria in consumer selection of a Flash card, this is certainly not the case for an OEM customer. Instead, Reliability, Performance and Total Cost of Ownership are the critical criteria in decision selection of the proper storage solution.

Extended Product Reliability is almost like an insurance policy to guarantee long term functionality for an expensive Industrial electronic system. The industrial storage solutions from Fortasa Memory Systems offer the highest product reliability from critical component selection, to ISO certified manufacturing process and final product tests and qualifications under extreme invironmental conditions.

Highest Product Performance is mandatory in performance critical applications. Fortasa's solid state solutons are designed and tuned to address the specific requirement of each design platform. Depending on the host interface, operating and file system used Fortasa can engineer a customer specific solution to gain a performance edge from a standard interface.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership is critical in budgeting the upgrade or replacement of a current system. Lowest TCO is not based just on the cost of subsystems used, but rather on a long term reliability of the components, product life expectancy, cost of maintenance and replacement service calls, etc. Fortasa makes this decision trivial by providing the highest quality and reliability standard solution and then enhancing the product offering through custom modification to achieve maximum performance for the most critical selection criteria.

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